Mission & vision

Elitkontoret’s vision in life is to create value added cooperation. We want to see businesses thrive and reach their goals. We give them the right tools to reach them and go further. That is our mission. To give them what they need and when they need it, and in so creating a platform where sound business decisions and developments can be made. Elitkontoret is their co-worker, and their go to when it comes to logistics and service.


Today we function in a global world where international trading is as common as having a morning coffee. We also have a digital world which makes things so much faster when it comes to communication as well as decision making. Our digital advancement creates an entrepreneurial environment where we thanks to a computer and a reasonably good broadband connection can sit in a Swedish village and work for a company in Australia.

The possibilities are mind blowing but we still need human interaction, and we need to network. Great minds need to meet if creativity is to prosper at all. The idea of creative people working with their individual companies in a common space is said to have started in San Francisco by Citizen Space. Like all other good ideas, it spread across the world and eventually also ended up in the south west of Sweden.
Elitkontoret is the ultimate of coworking space since it caters to both entrepreneurs who want a fixed office space and to the ones who want to have a creative hub from time to time. No matter which of those two you are Elitkontoret is a forward thinking, creativity supportive community where you can transcend your business to the next level thanks to the interaction with people of your own kind.

Apart from stylish offices Elitkontoret offers a lounge, an array of conference rooms and a library. If you happen to need a larger space for lectures and happenings there is the Arena. To top it all off there is a fully equipped kitchen and a never ending supply of coffee. The cherry on the top for people who take part of Elitkontoret’s various business solutions are the recurring events, network meetings and creative workshops.


In the beginning we took inspiration from Citizen Space in San Francisco and their basic rules for a happy work space. Now we have grown up and created our own rule, and we actually thought that one rule is all that is needed to describe the work environment we want to have at Elitkontoret:

“Treat others like you want to be treated yourself”